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ShadowSense Trios!

Our ShadowSense products are so versatile and pigmented. Using the same colour technology as the rest of our makeup range, they are long lasting and waterproof shadows. I have absolutely loved getting to use them and learn which go together the best.

Usually, three is the magic number for ShadowSense. Three colours create stunning looks and while there are endless possibilities, there are quite a few I would personally recommend. When picking the three shades to combine you need to select a highlight, transition and contour shade.

  • Highlight: lightest colour of your eye look which is put under the brow bone, inner corner of the eye or right on top of the middle of the lid to finish of the eye look.
  • Transition: to help you transition from the lightest shade to the darkest shade; this colour can go all over the lid, or in the sockets of the eyes. It can also go under your lower lash line
  • Contour: this is the darkest shade your look; it can be used as your eye liner, on the lid or on the outer corners of your eyes to deepen your look.

When completing your eye look, any of the 3 colours can be substituted or even removed from the whole look. Using only the highlight and transition shade will give you a lighter look.

Another thing to consider when picking a colour combination is whether the eye look is cool, warm, neutral or a mix. Try to pair the look with a LipSense of the same colour family and you've got a whole look!

These are my favourite combinations. Happy blending!