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Sun Protection and our Mechanical Shield

Our cosmetics products do not contain a Sun Protection Factor (SPF) but they do contain a mechanical shield which is equivalent to SPF 15. This is buildable, so the more product you use, the higher the SPF equivalent. For example, if you wore a Daytime Moisturiser, Light CCTM and MakeSense Original Foundation, you would have the equivalent of SPF 45.

There are a number of ingredients that afford sunscreen capabilities, for example, algae or orchid. If you are questioning the active ingredient that is a considered sunscreen ingredients, you are probably referring to the ingredient that the FDA has classified as sunscreen. Titanium Dioxide would be the ingredient found in our foundation. Which is why we can't say it is a sunscreen and say it acts as a mechanical shield. They also contain Octyl Methoxycinnamate and Benzophenone as UVA and UVB sunscreens.

The phrase mechanical shield simply refers to the physical barrier that prevent the sun's rays from penetrating the skin. Our products literally block them and stop them from reaching the skin's surface.