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All About: LipVolumizer

LipVolumizer works to plump lips from the inside out with the most advanced and natural technologies designed to support lasting results of full, pouty lips. It is shown to increase lip volume up to 20% and increases lip moisture up to 54% within one month of daily use. This is a great alternative to lip plumping injections and much safer and less invasive.
Excessively thin lips are sometimes a source of frustration for certain women since the symbolic value of luscious pouting lips is great.Lip volume and texture do matter. Clearly delineated plump lips are synonymous with youth and sensuality. Often seen as a seductive feature, the smile illuminates the face.

Continuous movement, subjected to repeated stress (cigarette smoking, pouting, ultra-violet radiation, dry air), gravity and chronological ageing all contribute to why the lips are deformed and change shape. With age, the harmony of the mouth is impaired. Both the upper and lower lips droop and appear less full.

Ageing of the lip zone is characterized by increased water loss and volume, the inability to produce collagen and therefore a decrease in dermal density. Vertical wrinkles begin to appear. The lip area is fragile in nature and needs protection and internal synthesis (support structure) in order to overcome this eventual decline.

The external covering of lip area is called the vermilion of the lips and is constantly subjected to drying. Unfortunately, it is naturally dry due to the fineness of the external barrier and absence of moisturizing glands.

LipVolumizer strengthens the mechanism to increase moisturisation to help eliminate drying and cracking. It has been formulated by mixing it with the ingredients needed to help reinforce the internal matrix of the lip area to increase volume. Portulaca Pilosa or ‘Kiss-Me-Quick’ plant with specific peptides helps to boost the collagen matrix production and other ingredients to increase moisturisation of lips and blending them with SenePlex complex to increase cellular renewal.

Test results showed LipVolumizer increases lip volume up to 20% and increases lip moisture up to 54% within one month, with once daily use. The detailed results were as follows.

  • Increased Lip Volume: +8.6% for all test participants up to +19.6% for those with thinnest lips
  • Increased Lip Moisturization: +50.6% for all the dermis
  • Restored Density of Lips: +8.5%
  • Increased Firmness and ability of the skin to withstand impacts: +13.3% and + 14.9% respectively
  • Increased Fringe Protection: +15.1% in volume curve of lips for 69% of test participants and 10.5% increase in softness for 83% of test participants

To use, apply the transparent formula to clean dry lips twice a day. Once at night before bedtime and once in the morning following tooth brushing to allow solution to penetrate vermillion is the best time. It is best to apply prior to application of LipSense. While it can be used after application of LipSense, it may affect the long lasting colour properties of the product.

Once the desired increase in lip volume and moisture has been achieved you will need to maintain your results by using it twice a day two to three times per week.