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Tips for Using Corrective Colour Concealers!

The best thing about Senegence's makeup products is that they are all so versatile and can help with a huge variety of issues. Here are some the most popular tips for helping with specific issues.

Summer Tan
Everyone’s skin turns a few shades darker in the Summertime, even if you’re diligent about applying sun protection. If you’re tan and want to cover only imperfections, apply a MakeSense Concealer or a MakeSense Foundation shade that’s at least one shade darker than your regular colour. Using a brush, blend a loose translucid powder instead of liquid foundation.

Natural Concealing
Blending is the key! After applying first layer of MakeSense Foundation and selecting the correct shade for a specific need, dot concealer in the areas needed. Pat gently using a blending brush. If the area is still discoloured, layer a dot of foundation over the concealer and gently pat until the two are blended together.

Eliminate Dark Circles
Dark circles can be the result of lack of sleep, stress, staring at the computer for long periods of time, not drinking enough water, working late hours and heredity. All of these can be minimised and controlled (except for heredity). To conceal darkness and bags under the eyes, place the concealer on the shadow running the length just beneath the bag (not the bag itself as you’ll end up highlighting, rather than hiding the problem).

Look Younger
Remove years from your face by applying a slightly lighter concealer or MakeSense Foundation shade to the downward turning lines at the corner of your mouth.

Versatile Shading
Use the white concealer share to soften the shade of any BlushSense to create a natural look or change your MakeSense Foundation shade by adding a drop in.