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BlushSense Shades!

With 7 different BlushSense shades to choose from there is sure to be one that suits your skin tone and complexion the best. Like with LipSense, you can mix different shades of BlushSense to correct the perfect colour for yourself. The options are endless.
The BlushSense shades include:

  • Pouty Pink: beautiful soft lighter shade of pink
  • Toasted Rose: cool under colour with a blue base but still fairly light
  • Chocolate Cherry: cool shade the achieves just the right amount of healthy glow
  • Bronze: the perfect contouring shade 
  • Terra Cotta: true beautiful peach for warm, medium tones
  • Cherry: intense neutral shade with a just the right amount of red
  • Pink Berry: the newest addition, a bright hot pink and my personal favourite! 

Our BlushSense shades have a matte finish but if you prefer a bright and more shimmery one, you can easily add a drop of Pearlizer to any shade.

If you need help selecting a colour for yourself or a friend, or want to order, please message me and I will respond as soon as I can!