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Going Inactive as a Senegence Distributor!

If you are in the US, you are signed up as an Independent Distributor of Senegence. Currently, the Uk version of SheerSense doesn't apply the same thing but as soon as the companies merge, the same thing will apply so it's useful to know and understand this information regardless. 

As a distributor you sign up for $55 a year, which is renewable annually. While there are no monthly minimums or requirements to be a distributor, in order to remain active, you do need to meet one very simple and easy requirement: place at least a 100PV order every 6 months. 

100PV stands for 100 point value. The points value varies depending on the country and the actual cost depends on at what discount you buy at. In both the UK and US, this is equivalent to £200 and $200, before the discount. In simple terms, as long as you spend £200/$200 before the discount over every 6 month period, you will remain active. 
What some people don't understand is that you don't have to buy 100PV all at once. For example, if you ordered 50PV on January 1st and then a 50PV on April 1st, you would be covered until July 1st. If you placed an 80PV on May 1st, you would be covered until November 1st. If you placed a 110PV order on September 1st, you would be covered until April 1st. And so on...

The nice thing is that Senegence email you if you are coming close to becoming inactive. Some people don't mind that because they are no longer interested in being a distributor or they want to resign up under someone else. But for others it's a great reminder to place an order. One of the great things is that our product range is so diverse, it's so easy to meet this criteria, even if it's just for personal use! 

Some things are defintely easier said in a video so be sure to click here or watch below to see this is video form.