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All About: MakeSense Original Foundation

MakeSense Foundation with SenePlex combines cosmetics with skin care to give you an impeccably flawless finish.
The skincare product were formulated to be used underneath the MakeSense Foundation. SeneDerm Skincare 3-in-1 Cleansers and Day Time Moisturisers prepare the skin for the long-lasting color technology of the SenseCosmetic line. Different, non-SeneDerm, skin care lines will probably make ineffective the SenePlex Complex and reduce the long-lasting properties of the MakeSense Foundation.

MakeSense Foundation also provides and offers an unprecedented mechanical shield for protection throughout the day. The application of a MakeSense Foundation layered on top of any SeneDerm Day Time Moisturiser, gives your skin the benefits of a mechanical shield by boosting the SPF 15 of the moisturiser, when combined with the MakeSense Foundation to that of a mechanical shield that delivers protection the equivalency of an SPF 30.

MakeSense Foundation formulations adapt to skin pigmentation. This means that the product is very versatile; one skin color may be able to use a range of up to three different shades (or vice-versa for tanning) because of the way the color pigments adapt to skin tones. The product is:

  • Non-smearing, long-lasting coverage.
  • Oil free so can be used on any skin type.
  • Non-comedogenic so does not clog pores.
  • Helps to reduce moisture loss.
  • Provides another layer of SenePlex Complex.
  • Water-resistant.

The unique homogenisation process provides excellent water resistance that will keep your make-up looking as fresh in the late afternoon as it did in the morning. MakeSense Foundation is the base upon which the long-lasting color of our other SenseCosmetics technologies will adhere to for hours throughout the day.

This multifaceted foundation is offered in a wide palate of shades. There are 11 shades in total and they can be mixed to find your perfect shade, as well as adapt 3 shades either way to suit your tone the best.

MakeSense Foundation with SenePlex smooths over your skin with ease and provides a flawless finish. After applying SeneDerm Moisturiser, dot MakeSense Foundation with a stippling brush, a blending brush or sponge to each area of face and then blend evenly. Blend up and out to hairlines, extend down to throat and inward towards nose and over eyelids. Notice how the foundation glides onto the skin giving an even, professional finish without the heavy feel of makeup.

To remove MakeSense Foundation, use specifically formulated Fooops! SenseCosmetic Liquid Colour Remover or Pads.

Darker shades of MakeSense Foundation may be used to contour face. Lighter shades may be used as highlighters.

Everyone’s skin turns a few shades darker in the summertime, even if you’re diligent about applying sun protection. If you’re tan and want to cover only imperfections, apply a MakeSense Concealer or a MakeSense Foundation shade that’s at least one shade darker than your regular colour.

Blending is the key! After applying first layer of MakeSense Foundation and selecting the correct shade for a specific need, dot concealer in the areas needed. Pat gently using a cosmetic sponge or blending brush. If area is still discoloured, layer a dot of foundation over the concealer and gently pat until the two are blended together. Set with your chosen shade of SeneDerm Translucent Loose Powders.