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All About: LipSense?

For new readers, LipSense is my new business over at Hannah's Lips UK. I am a UK Independent Distributor for SheerSense (the equivalent of the US company Senegence). For all my details and links click here.

Today I am going to talk about LipSense is exactly.

LipSense is the premier product of SeneGence and is unlike any conventional lipstick or colour. It is the original long-lasting lip colour! It lasts between 4 to 18 hours which is simply incredible. It is waterproof, kiss proof, budge proof and smear proof!

It is lead free, wax free, gluten free, GMO free and cruelty free. It is made of completely natural products and each ingredient has a purpose. It also has amazing UVA & UVB Sun protection icon. The layering system provides a mechanical shield preventing UV rays from penetrating the skin.

LipSense is a 3 step product. Each new customer has to buy a Starter Set which includes a Lip Colour of choice, a Glossy Gloss and an Ooops Remover.

You can create your own colour palette by combining shades. As it is applied in 3 layers, you can combine different colours by layering. Your customized look will last even longer and your lips will stay moist and plump with LipSense Moisturising Gloss

Without the gloss the lip colour will not last as long and the lips will dry out. The longer the time that you use our gloss the longer the time the colour lasts, as the lips get healthier for the colour to bind to. The Ooops Remover is needed to not only remove mistakes when applying the colour but to take it off at the end of the day.

This product is such a perfect solution to all the things I dislike about lipstick and now I don't leave the house without it!

You can also watch my YouTube video here to see a video version of this information. 

As always, if you want to order any LipSense or any of my other products, join my team or learn more, don't hesitate to reach out on any of my platforms.

Kisses, Hannah 💋


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