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Welcome to Hannah's Lips UK!

LipSense! Let's talk all things LipSense.

I've just started selling LipSense from the UK Company SheerSense. This is the US equivalent of the Senegence company. Don't ask me for the difference, because I really don't know!

See my announcement video below or click here! Be sure to check back often for more videos and posts about LipSense. Exciting news! I have launched a branch new channel just for LipSense! Go subscribe here!

So far I am loving it and I am so excited my this opportunity.

I have a personal blog and on there I have a dedicated LipSense page but this will be where I will be sharing all my posts related to LipSense.

There will be a collection of all the posts you need to be able to make an informed decision about whether LipSense is the right product for you. But also for ease of access. Everything related to my LipSense is available or will be soon. I have so many post ideas so bare with me, while I write them all up!

As a SheerSense Independent Distributor in the UK, I now have my own business called 'Hannah's Lips UK'. Easy and simple!

While I can sell other their products, and I am more than happy to purchase them at request from customers, I will be mainly concentrating on their LipSense brand because that is the product I am incredibly passionate about.

All my social media and contact addresses are very simple to remember as they are all @hannahslipsuk!

Important blog posts are coming soon so stay tuned!

All the information in the blog posts can also be found on the customer group and business page on Facebook. There you will find many photo albums filled with details and products. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask!

All my prices are at the recommended retail price. Handling, postage and packaging costs a set £3 for any LipSense products. For our larger skin care products, prices may vary slightly.

Please note, I can only post to people in the United Kingdom however I have many friends across the US, Canada and Australia who I can connect you with if you too would like to purchase this product!

Having said that, if you are interested in taking up on this business opportunity yourself, I would love for you to join my team. Please message me if you would like more information on this incredible opportunity!

Can't wait for you to order and fall in love with the product, like me! Click here to see my first impression!

Kisses, Hannah 💋


  1. Welcome to my new business! Here you will be able to join in on everything in the world of Hannah's Lips UK 💋


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