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Fragrance Classification

Fragrances can be classified into several families by the themes of the fragrances. Here are just a few:
Floral: fragrances that are dominated by the scent of one or more types of flowers.

Fresh or Green: light, fresh character of botanical or citrus notes often combined with more feminine scents (flowers and fruits).

Fruity: an old fragrance family that until recently consisted mainly of "freshening" eau de colognes due to the low tenacity of fruit scents. Development of newer fragrance compounds has allowed for the creation of fruit-forward fragrances.

Chypre: fragrances made of sandalwood, bergamot, oak, patchouli and labdanum.

Orientals or Ambers: a large fragrance class featuring the scents of vanilla and animal scents together with flowers and woods. Scents bring to mind images of the Far East.

Gourmand: scents with edible or dessert-like qualities. These often contain notes like vanilla and tonka bean, as well as synthetic components designed to resemble food flavors.