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All About: NailExtend

SeneDerm Solutions NailExtend is formulated to help repair existing nail damage including cracking and splitting. With daily use, future damage can be prevented as new nails grow back stronger, and results can begin to be visible after just a few weeks of use.
NailExtend is a nail strengthener and lengthener designed to keep nails in top condition and help repair damage. It was developed to treat a variety of conditions, including weak, brittle, sensitive or peeling nails and even those damaged from acrylics and silk or gel wraps. It leep nails in top condition and helps ti repair damage.

This is a cuticle treatment. Its unique delivery system utilises protective ingredients, including SenePlex Complex, vitamins, growth enhancing peptides and powerful moisturisers, to strengthen, lengthen and protect nails by stimulating keratin production.

When the ingredients are combined together, it make dramatic improvements in the structure of the nail. It increases nail strength and moisture binding properties which keep nails flexible. Add those ingredients to a peptide solution that stimulates keratin production and you have a fantastic nail strengthener and grower. If you have splitting, weak and dry nails, this will defintely help to make them healthier and stronger.
NailExtend can be used as a daily cuticle treatment on polished nails or natural nails. For best results, apply NailExtend to cuticles twice daily. After results are achieved, apply to cuticles 3-4 times weekly to maintain healthy nails. With daily use, future damage can be prevented as new nails grow back stronger.