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My "Best Nine of 2020"

That's right, I'm back with another post, but not a limited edition release. I sigh with relief...sometimes I can't keep up! As has become tradition, I am sharing my most like images of 2020 and I'm actually a little intrigued. 

It's clear to see that the blue and purples tones are the winners of this year's likes. I honestly don't blame you all, purple is actually my favourite colour and I have a dreamy eye look coming soon. I think it's my favourite one to date! We also seem to love the more natural lip colours, with Kiss Me Katie and Bombshell being two of the lightest lip colours in the permanent range in LipSense. Of course, skincare was crucial in 2020 as "maskacne" became real and we celebrated being one with ourselves, taking a moment of peace and being still.