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My 2019 "Best Nine"

I am actually so sad I didn't do a Best Nine of 2019! In fact, I was quite shocked to look back and see I didn't share a single post for the whole year over here. For that, I apologise, but I thought, better later than never, so here is my Best Nine of 2019, according to Instagram's popularity.
On my personal blog, I share a little insight into the pictures so I thought I'd do a little summary here too. There's some selfies of me showing off some of my favourite colours with B.Ruby, Napa and Bombshell. Likewise, I also share a lip picture showing how gorgeous they are. Don't forget we also have speciality glosses, some of which are just as pigmented. I love eye looks and share so many great inspirational images that are compeltely accessible for all, regardless of talent. Some simply use two shades and others up to 5!

You can also see my previous Best Nine here with 2018.