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Big City - ShadowSense Collection (Limited Edition)

NYC is calling! The new, matching limited edition ShadowSense® Big City Collection features three earthy, wearable shades for beautifully glowing smoky eyes that are sure to turn heads when out on the town. Inspired by the rich hues of all that New York City has to offer, these colours are perfect for chic, timeless looks. You’ll be sure to embrace the classic beauty of the Big City!
Purchase the collection to receive a FREE Burgundy Metallic Bag. Please note, if Burgundy Metallic Bag is unavailable at time of purchase, a bag substitution may occur.

Brownstone Shimmer: neutral, smoky taupe color with a shimmering finish.
Bright Lights Glitter: rosy golden pink with a gorgeous gold glitter.
Burgundy: rich, deep burgundy shade with a matte finish.