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Officially Caught Up!

I know the posts have been a little bit full on recently but I have finally caught up with all of 2020's Limited Edition releases to date. I ended up back dating the posts so make sure to look back through to see all of them!

There are obviously a lot more from 2019 and 2018 but I think with most of them now being unavailable, there isn't much point in sharing those at the moment. From now on, I will be sharing Limited Edition collections as and when they are released. Usually, these are released monthly, with big releases shared quarterly at our company training sessions.
Please bare in mind, when these are released publicly for the first time, these are only available in the US. The UK cannot guarantee we get all releases however new shades and colours are usually available in the UK a month after the initial release.

I will take pre-orders for releases over this interim time and send invoices for payment, however payment is not needed until arrival. When they arrive, they are limited in quantity so to guarantee you have the product, make sure to pay as soon as I let you know they are in the UK. For this reason, many choose the pay the invoices in advance. Usually, the first batch only lasts a few hours and then we get a second batch which may last a little longer another month after.

To order, you can do this, via my website OR for the best offers and prices, direct through me by messaging on Facebook or Instagram for the quickest replies.