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Sunset Skies - ShadowSense Collection (Limited Edition)

Thanks to the new, limited edition ShadowSense Sunset Skies Collection, the sky’s the limit for chic, sunset-inspired eyes. The collection features three shades that reflect all the natural beauty of a rich, colorful sunset. With textures that vary from gorgeous mattes to sparkling shimmers, these earthy jewel tones are sure to become your golden hour favourites.
If you purchase the collection, you will receive a free Mauve Metallic Bag too...bonus!

Rust ShadowSense: a deep, rich russet color with red-orange tones and a matte finish.
Plum Berry ShadowSense: a medium pink-berry with a soft matte finish.
Twilight Shimmer ShadowSense: a shimmering candlelight color with dimensional red and pink glitter.